Buying MyPrint Credits

Taught students pay for printing, copying and scanning on the MyPrint system.

You can buy MyPrint credits online with a debit or credit card by using the "Add Credit" feature on the MyPrint Portal.

You may receive Free credits from your department or as a reward for taking part in surveys. These credits are shown in the Free (F) purse, and will be used before any credits you buy. Free credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

You can purchase MyPrint credits online, and these will be added to your Purchased (P) purse.

There are refund restrictions so only add credit that you will use.

  1. Log in to the MyPrint portal
  2. Select "Add Credit"
  3. Select the amount to add (£2.50, £5, £10 or £20) and click Add value
  4. Click Continue on the next screen
  5. Enter your card details & billing address, and click Continue
  6. Review the information before you click Confirm to purchase the credits

Once you've completed this process your Purchased MyPrint balance will be updated with the credits you have bought, and you will receive an email receipt with the subject "Online Payment Confirmation" containing your payment reference.

IMPORTANT: Keep your email receipt - you will need to provide the payment reference if you ask for a refund.

Choose Add Credit and follow the on screen instructions