Adding the "Staff on LeedsPrint" print queue

Computers with a wired connection to the university network can be set up with the "Staff on LeedsPrint" MyPrint queue. 

If your device is not on the wired network you can request for it to be put on. The form for this can be found here. Resister device on wired network 



In this article:  

For Unix/Linux machines and for Mac computers without Managed Software Centre or admin rights please login to the IT website and submit a General Request to set up MyPrint on your device.

If your computer doesn't have a wired network connection you can upload or email your documents to MyPrint.

Please Note

If you're a member of staff coming to campus, with a laptop that was issued during the pandemic, you may be unable to connect to "Staff on LeedsPrint" for MyPrint - the laptop will need to be registered to use the university's wired network. 

Downloading ‘MyPrint’ or ‘Staff Printer’ on Windows 11 

When you receive your new Windows 11 device, you will need to install a software (MyPrint or Staff Printer) to use the printers from the Company Portal. ​​​​​​ 

1. Connect to the University's VPN and remain connected throughout the process 

  • If working on a laptop and using Wi-Fi, see the IT article to help you get connected to the University VPN.  
  • If working on a desktop where the desktop is onsite at the University and connected to the wired network, you do not need to connect to the VPN as these devices are automatically and securely connected to the University's network. If this is not the case, then the process described above, for laptops, will be applicable. 

If you do not have Pulse VPN installed on your Windows 11 device, please download this software from the Company Portal by following these instructions.

2. Open the Company Portal: From your 'Start' or 'Search' menus, type and select ‘Company Portal’ to open the Company Portal application. 

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

3. Search for 'MyPrint' or 'Staff Printer' software you wish to download: Select ‘Apps’ on the left-hand side menu or use the search bar to find 'MyPrint' or 'Staff Printer' software you wish to download.  

Graphical user interface, application, website, TeamsDescription automatically generated 

Graphical user interface, application, TeamsDescription automatically generated 

4. Select the desired software and install: Select the chosen software from your search. Next, click on ‘Install’ to initiate the download. The example below shows 'Staff Printer' as the chosen software. 

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated 

5. Wait for the download to complete: A notification pop-up will appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen informing that the installation has started. A command prompt window will also appear - please do not close this window as this is the running script that will install the printer in your computer. Once the installation is complete, the window will close, and another notification will appear confirming the installation. 

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6. Find the software in your Start and Search menus: Search for 'Printers & scanners' and find the printer you have installed or attempt to print a test page. 

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(Note if staff print does not show in company portal, log a request to service desk for a remote session to get this resolved) 

Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers

1. Copy the text on the next line into your clipboard (ctrl c)


2. Click on the Search icon button in the bottom left corner of your screen (Windows 10) or bottom centre of your screen (Windows 11) 

3. Paste the text in the search box (ctrl v)

4. Press the return (enter) key on your keyboard

Windows 10 Start

5. The print queue will be set up on your computer and a window will open showing the print queue.

6. Click on the Printer menu and choose "Set As Default Printer"

Print Queue window

Please note: it is normal to see documents in the queue with a status of "Paused" - documents are held like this until the owner visits a MyPrint printer and asks for them to be printed.

If it also asks for an admin password you will either need to book a visit to the service desk or log a request for a remote session. 


Mac with Managed Software Centre

If you have the "Managed Software Centre" on your Mac you can install the "MyPrint for Mac" package.

  1. Open the Managed Software Centre from Finder.
  2. Look for the "MyPrint for Mac" package in the list and click Install

    Mac Managed software Centre
  3. In the Updates section click “Update All”
  4. Two print queues (called "MyPrint" and "MyPrint - Staff") will be added to your Mac

    MyPrint queues on Mac


Mac with Admin rights

If you have Administrator rights on your Mac you can attempt to set up the MyPrint queue yourself:

  1. Download the Konica Minolta Bizhub C754e driver from the Konica Download Centre
    • Enter "bizhub C754e" in the "Search your product" box
    • Expand the Drivers section and select your macOS version
    • Click the Download icon and accept the license agreement 
    • Click the file ending in .dmg to start the download
  2. Once the file is downloaded double-click it.
  3. This "mounts" it in the sidebar of Finder - go to Finder to locate the mounted file and click on it - then run the file with the extension .pkg to install the driver.
  4. Go to System Preferences, and then "Printers and Scanners"

    Open System Preferences and choose Printer and Scanners

  5. Click the lock, enter the administrator username and password, then press the + button.

    If you do not have the administrator details please contact the IT Service Desk to set the print queue up for you.

    Click the padlock so you can make changes, then click the plus button

  6. Select the "IP" icon, and fill in the boxes as follows then click Add:

    Address :
    Protocol : Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    Queue : Staff
    Name : Staff on LeedsPrint
    Use : Konica Minolta C754e PS (if this is not listed you can use "Konica Minolta C554e PS")

    Enter the details

  7. You can leave the options blank, but if your printer has the capability to staple or hole punch then set the options as below then click OK:

    Paper Source Unit : LU-301
    Finisher : FS-535 + SD-512
    Punch Unit : PK-520 (2/4-Hole)

    If needed select the printer options