Printing using MyPrint

MyPrint securely holds documents for up to 24 hours until you visit a printer to collect your work.

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Printing using Web Print from anywhere

You can use MyPrint from any device that has an internet connection.

Web Print can only print on A4. If you need to print on A3 please print from a university computer or the WVD.

If you have problems uploading your document, or you get a processing failure error, please try Printing from a university computer or the WVD.

Alternatively can email your document to to be printed grayscale, 2-sided on A4. 


Printing from a university computer or the WVD

If you are using a university computer which is is connected to the wired campus network, or you are using either the General or Academic Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) you can print to MyPrint using one of the LeedsPrint queues.

Open the document you want to print, and use the Print option, then select the print queue as per the table below:

On a :Choose :
A Library / Cluster computer, or the WVD*MyPrint on LeedsPrint
A staff computer (on the wired network)Staff on LeedsPrint

MyPrint defaults to Grayscale, 2-sided and A4.

To select other options go to Properties (it may be Options or Preferences depending on the application).

If you're printing a PDF document please also review the Printing PDF documents section.

Select the MyPrint queue, go to properties to set your printing options, and press print

You can change Paper Size, Print Type and Select Colour


Printing PDF documents

If you're printing a PDF document, you will notice when you press the Print button that the options are presented differently.

We recommend using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+P instead of pressing the Print button as this will display the more familiar printing interface.

After pressing CTRL+P select the "MyPrint on leedsprint" queue.

If you want to print in colour, 1-sided or on A3 click the Preferences button to access these options.

Screenshot showing the Standard Print Interface


Collecting your documents

You can visit any MyPrint printer to collect your documents.

Log in to the MyPrint printer.

Select Print on screen to see the list of your documents that are ready for printing.

Choose Print

Select the documents you want to print and press the Print button.

You can select what you want to print

To log out tap the Access button to the right of the screen.

Any documents you don't collect will expire, without charge, after 24 hours.


If your document isn't listed at the printer

Log in to and check the Jobs Pending Release section. Your documents will be listed here if they are ready to collect.

If you are printing from a university computer check :

If you submitted your document by email check your inbox for messages from - if your email wasn't sent from your university account you will get a message asking you to complete a registration process.


If the printer doesn't produce your document


Document paused

If you've printed from a university computer you may notice that there are lots of documents in the "Staff on LeedsPrint" or "MyPrint on LeedsPrint" queues and all the documents have the status "paused".