What is MyPrint?

MyPrint is our secure print, copy and scan service. You can log in at any MyPrint printer to collect your printing. Any documents you decide not to collect will be expire without charge after 24 hours. You can also copy and scan documentsĀ at the MyPrint printers.

There are currently 390 MyPrint printers across 91 buildings. If your nearest MyPrint printer is busy or not working you can go to another MyPrint printer.

As nothing is physically printed until you log in at a MyPrint printer you don't need to rush to collect a confidential document or sort through a large stack of printouts to find your own.

You have up to 24 hours to collect your printing, so you can carry on working and printing until you want to pick up your documents.

Any documents you haven't collected will expire, without charge, after 24 hours. About 10% of documents sent to MyPrint aren't collected.

Log in at a MyPrint Printer within 24 hours to collect your work 

When you log in at the printer you can select what you want to print off. No paper is wasted if you no longer require a particular printout.

You can select what you want to print

When scanning you can choose to send your document to your university email address, M: drive or OneDrive.

 You can scan to email, M: drive, or OneDrive