Office 365 - Immersive Reader

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is a screen reader which was designed to help students with dyslexia and dysgraphia but is useful for anyone who wants to make reading on their device easier. It is also a very useful tool for proofreading. It is part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools

What does it do?

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is a screen reader which will read the text on the screen. You can configure the voice and speed of reading. In addition you can also configure the way the text on the screen is displayed:

These changes only apply while in the Immersive Reader – they do not affect the underlying document.

Where is it available?

The Immersive Reader is available in Teams,  Word Online, OneNote Online, Outlook Online, and Microsoft Edge. It is not currently available in the desktop versions of Word, OneNote or Outlook at the University. 

How do I use it? 

(The following links will take you to the Microsoft Support site)