How to let another member of staff edit your Lecture Capture content

Content in Mediasite can only have one owner. However, you can give another member of staff at the University of Leeds permission to edit your recording if needed. This guide shows you how to do this.

Please Note: You will need to be the owner of the content in order to make these changes.

Make your content viewable

Before sharing your content, you must make your content viewable. You can quickly do this by logging into Mediasite and clicking the small padlock icon beneath the thumbnail of your recording.

The screenshot below shows a locked padlock. This means the recording is private (and can only be viewed by you).

Screenshot of Mediasite showing a locked padlock

To make the recording viewable, click the padlock. It will change to unlocked and the recording will be viewable (shown below). However, this doesn't mean it's automatically available to everyone. You need to specify how you want to share the content.

Screenshot of an unlocked padlock in Mediasite meaning the recording is viewable

There will be a success confirmation that the content is viewable.

Giving Editor rights on your Mediasite content

Once you have made the content viewable, click on the title of your video.

Scroll down and choose Edit Security.

A screenshot of Mediasite after clicking on the title of a video. The Edit Security option is highlighted.

Enter the name (or University email address) of the staff member you wish to give Editor access and click on their name when it appears. 
Please Note: If you aren't able to search for anything, please ensure that 'Inherit permissions from parent folder' is unticked (as shown in the screenshot below):
The Edit Security dialogue shown with Inherit permissions unticked and the editor dropdown options which includes a Remove option.
Change the permission from Read Only to 'Editor' in the dropdown list and click Save.
A success notification will confirm that these changes have been applied (shown below):
Success dialogue confirmation.
Please Note: It may take 5-10 minutes for these permissions to apply during busy periods.

How does the member of staff with Editor access see the recording?

Once access has been given, the staff member you've given access to will need to log into Mediasite.
The recording will not show up in their list of recordings by default. They will need to search for the title of the recording using the search box at the top of Mediasite (shown below):
A screenshot showing the main search bar in Mediasite and a list of one result after searching for the title of a recording.
Once the title appears, click on the title of the video.
The full list of edit options should now be available. We recommend working closely with colleagues to monitor any edits made.
A screenshot of the main Editor options in Mediasite which are all available to another member of staff who has editor access.
Important Note: Only the user with Editor permissions will be able to find the recording in search. It will not be searchable for any other users of Mediasite.
You can revoke access at any time by making the recording private or removing editor access by repeating the steps above and selecting 'Remove' from the list of options.