Syllabus Plus - Out of Memory Error

T|imetablers using Syllabus Plus and Enterprise Timetabler may encounter an error when trying to load an image stating the application is 'Out of Memory' or in some cases an 'Unable to execute Sql against S+ OleDb!' error message. This is due to a configuration file which limits how much memory the application can use, and the image file exceeding that limit. This guide shows you how to resolve the issue.

Syllabus Plus Classic Users

S+ Classic users need to increase the Heap Size setting in the splus.ini file by doing the following:

If you have admin rights:

If you don't have admin rights, or cannot find the splus.ini file in the standard location or the issue keeps happening then:

Enterprise Timetabler

Enterprise Timetabler is installed in a different location and method to Syllabus Plus Classic which also automatically sets the increased Heap Size on a fresh install.

To fix this issue:

You cannot manually increase the Heap Size for Enterprise higher than what a fresh install sets it to (1073741824) otherwise it will default back to half the deployed value (536870912).

Please also note this is a per user, per PC setting if multiple people use Enterprise Timetabler on the same PC this will need doing for each install.