Sharing information securely

This article gives you some advice on sharing information securely. For the University policy on sharing information, see the Information Protection Policy section on Accessing and sharing

Delegate access to email

You can give other people access to your email account so they can receive email messages and meeting requests and respond on your behalf. If you need to do this you must do it using delegate access - never give anyone else your password. Microsoft recommend that all parties using delegate access should be using the same version of Outlook.

Find out more about delegate access, permission levels and how to set it up from the Microsoft Support site or watch this short video

Emailing documents

You can send confidential and highly confidential information by email, but you must:

Creating an encrypted attachment

Add a password to Microsoft Office files

You can add a password to Microsoft Office files (eg Word, Excel etc). Visit the Microsoft Support site to find out more information.

Create an encrypted Zip file

You can create an encrypted Zip file using 7-Zip file manager which is available on University-owned computers, in computer clusters and on the Virtual Windows Desktop (through AppsAnywhere) (A zip file is a way of packing one or more files into a single file or folder, which usually takes up less space than the original files).

To run 7-Zip, on Windows 7 machines click the Start button and type 7-Zip into the search box. On Windows 10 machines, click the Start button and start typing 7-Zip. Click on 7-Zip in the list of results to open it.

For full instructions on how to use 7-Zip, click on the Help menu in the package.

Sharing over OneDrive

By default, only you can access your files on OneDrive – University of Leeds. You can choose to share single files or whole folders with people from within the University and outside.  Follow the instructions on the Microsoft Support website (remember to look at the OneDrive – Business instructions, not OneDrive – Personal).

To share with someone outside the University:

They will now receive an email with a link to the file. When they click on the link, they will need to follow the instructions to verify their identity. You will receive an email when they click on the link.

When sharing a file we recommend:

You can find out more about the security of OneDrive on the IT website