Cyber Security Awareness month 2023

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. Find out more about how to protect yourself and your data from the resources below.

A good place to start is with the Information Security induction (note this does not replace the compulsory Information Security training for staff)

Cyber security resources

For more guidance on storing data, see the University’s Data Protection website. In particular see the guidance on

You can also listen to a session from last year's Information Security Week, where Neil Favager from IT Assurance and Holly Rae from the Application Support team discuss "Managing Data - an introduction for University staff" session (you will need to be signed in to Office 365 to view this) or read the slides.

Useful Resources 

 Secure yourselfSecure your devices Secure your data 



Anti virus


Physical security

Classify my data

Where can I store my data?

University Data Protection site

How do I...?

Report an incident

Report a spam or phishing email

Choose a strong password

Change my password

Share information securely

Other useful links

Information Protection Policy

Use of computer systems policy

Information Security Training

10 Golden Rules

GetSafeOnline (external link)