Creating Quizzes in Mediasite

You can now create quizzes which can be embedded into Mediasite content. These can be used to gauge students’ understanding at key parts of a recording or create a quiz for student self-assessment and reflection. Quizzes can be placed at the beginning or end of a video or at specific points. They can only be accessed as part of Mediasite videos.

Please Note: Quizzing and assessment results are completely separate to Minerva and Turnitin. The results can only be managed by the owner of the content from within Mediasite.

Creating a Quiz

Log into Mediasite and click on the title of the video you want to add a quiz to. Click on Edit Quizzes to the right of the video.

You will be presented with a dialogue box giving you options for how to configure your quiz. There are three pre-configured quiz templates which can be used depending on what type of quiz you are creating.

The options will change accordingly depending on the type of quiz you select. You can also create custom quizzes by selecting different options.

Study Guide will allow users to see their scores and answers after the quiz. They can change answers after submission and are not required to submit any answers.

Assessment does not show users their correct answers and results after a quiz. Feedback is not given during the quiz itself. Only the owner of the quiz can see this.

Scored quizzes allow users to see their results immediately.

A pre-configured quiz title will be added. This will be the same as the title of your content by default. The title can be changed and an optional description can be included if necessary. This is helpful if you are planning to create multiple quizzes for the same video. Once you have done this, click Next.

Using the Video Player to the right of the quiz menu, find the part of the video where you would like your quiz to appear. Click the Play button and click the time you would like your video to appear. Pause the video at this point.

Please Note: If you don't specify a position, your quiz will appear at the beginning of the video.

Once you have positioned your video, click on Add Quiz to the left of the preview window.

This is where you can create your quiz. You will need to provide a title (again, this is because you can add multiple quizzes to videos). If you have specified a video position, click Sync to Video and the quiz will automatically appear at the time you paused the video. 

Please Note: You can also manually type in a type in a time (e.g. 0:01:13 would make the quiz appear 1 minute 13 seconds into your video) or you can use the arrows to choose a time in multiples of 5 seconds. If you manually enter a time, do not click 'Sync to Video' as this will override your setting with the time of the video in the preview window.

You can then add your questions. To do this, click on Add Question. 

You can add as many questions as you like. There are different types of questions which can be selected from the Type dropdown menu; for example, True or False questions or Multiple Choice with single answer.

Enter the question followed by your answers. Then select the correct answer (or answers) depending on the type of question you select; for example, in the screenshot below I have selected a Multiple Choice - Many Answers. You can add more answers by clicking the Add Answer. You can also move answers around by clicking the three vertical dots to the immediate left of the answer.

To delete an answer or questions, click the red dustbin icon to the right.

Once you have finished creating your questions, click Save.

Important Note: If you use LaTeX, in the question editor, please type \( ... \) to write mathematical expressions to ensure your question is saved correctly.

Publishing Your Quiz

Once you are happy with your quiz, it needs to be published.

If you are not in the quiz editor, click Edit Quizzes. Click the green Publish button.

You will receive a warning that the quiz will be enabled and it will no longer be editable. Click OK.

You will receive confirmation that your quiz has been published. The status will change from In Progress to Published. 

If you want to edit or remove your quiz, click the Unpublish button. 

Watching Videos with Quizzes

After you have created a quiz, and it has been published, a notification will be displayed at the beginning that quizzing is enabled in the video.


Depending on where you have specified the quiz (or quizzes) to open, once playback reaches this time, the viewer will be presented with the Quiz Prompt. They will have the option to Take Quiz or Skip Quiz. 



 These options will differ depending on which setting you selected at the start of this guide.

Viewing Quiz Results

To view the results of your quiz, you must be the owner of the video. Click on the video title and View Analytics.

Click on the Quiz tab.

You will then see a list of users who have taken the quiz, the time spent watching it and their result. 

More detailed options can be seen by clicking the Details option.

You can also download a more detailed report which displays a full list of information if needed by clicking Download Report. 

Please Note: Once the report downloads, it may open as an XML file. This can be opened with Microsoft Excel. You may need to right click on the file and choose 'Open With' and search for Microsoft Excel in the list of Applications. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any problems with this, stating