Delete Content from Mediasite

This article shows you how to delete content that you own in Mediasite and what to do if you receive errors when trying to delete.

Deleting Individual Content

Log into Mediasite and click on the title of the content you want to delete.

In the top right of the video preview window, click Delete.

Video preview showing Delete button in the top right of the window.

You will receive a warning asking you to confirm deletion. If you still want to delete the content, click Delete Presentation.

Delete Presentation pop-up window 

You will receive confirmation in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that the video has been deleted.

Success notification message from Mediasite

Once content is deleted from Mediasite, it will be held in a recycle bin for 90 days before being fully deleted.

You can request for content to be restored using the link under the 'Related Requests' section of this article.


Error when Deleting Content

You may receive the following error when trying to delete content from Mediasite.

Mediasite Error notification - 1 other item(s) depend on the item(s) selected for recycling. The items have not been recycled. Please delete from the system or re-assign any items that depend on the item(s) you're recycling and attempt to recycle again.

This means that your content is published on VideoLeeds and must first be unlinked. (Modules the content is linked to may also be shown here but don't cause this error).

To do this, click on Publish next to your video. Under the Publishing Destinations heading, click on the Dustbin icon. The Destination will be listed as VideoLeeds.

Publish Presentation screenshot showing the Dustbin icon which users can click on to remove links to VideoLeeds

A confirmation message will be displayed that the Publishing Destinations have been successfully updated:

Presentation Updated. You have updated the Publishing Destinations successfully.

You can then delete the content following the steps outlined at the top of this guide.


Deleting Multiple Items

If you want to delete multiple items at once, login to Mediasite.

Click on the 'Person/Talking Head' icon in the top left hand corner of the screen (next to Moderation) and select 'My Current Storage Report' from the drop down menu. 

Image of My Content Storage Report option

It may take a short while for this report to load depending on how many videos you have. 

Once the report has loaded, scroll down and you will see all your recordings listed. From here, you can select multiple recordings to delete by ticking multiple recordings then clicking Delete at the top. 

Example recordings shown after generating a Content Storage Report with options to select and delete individual or multiple recordings.

If you receive any errors whilst deleting, please refer to the 'Error when Deleting Content' information above.