How to Edit Your Mediasite Content

Mediasite includes a web editor which allows you to perform basic edits online (such as removing the start and end of your content).

Please Note: This is not intended as a replacement for professional video editing software such as Corel VideoStudio.

Trimming Videos in Mediasite

The most common edit in Mediasite is to remove the start and end of content (or cut a section out of the middle). A video tutorial below shows how to do this:

A more detailed video on all features of the editor can be found here. Further guidance can be found below.

Editing Content in Mediasite

Remove the Start/End of a Recording

Remove a Section of a Recording (and add Fades or Dissolves)

Remove Presenter Video

Remove, Add or Replace Slides

Add Chapters to Your Recording

Save Your Changes

Restoring Recordings to their Original Version


Accessing the Web Editor

To access the Editor, log into Mediasite, click on the title of the content you want to edit, and click Edit Video to the right of the video (this is different to Edit Details). Depending on the length of the content and the speed of your Internet connection, the Editor may take a few moments to load.

Edit Video option highlighted in Mediasite

Important Note: After applying any of the edits below, you must save your changes. Please see the bottom of this article for instructions on how to do this.


Remove the Start/End of a Recording

To adjust the start or finish time of the recording, open the Editor and drag the white arrowhead (which you will find at the extreme left or right of the edit timeline). 

Screenshot showing start and end options being dragged to change the start and end time of a recording

Click 'Save Video' when completed.


Remove a Section of a Recording (and add Fades or Dissolves)

In the Editor, highlight the content by left-clicking and dragging your mouse on your timeline. Once you have selected the content you want to remove, click Cut Time.

A screenshot showing cut time highlighted

If you wish to reverse this step, highlight the area that has been cut and click on Uncut Time. Save your changes when complete.

You can also add a fade or dissolve to your edit, select the white down arrow located at the top of your cut section. Please Note: Delete is the same as Uncut so will just remove the edit you have made:

A screenshot showing cut, fade, dissolve and delete options

You can now set the duration of your fade/dissolve by left clicking, and dragging the small grey dots located at the foot of the edit timeline:

Dissolve options highlighted showing two small circles which can be dragged to adjust the time of the dissolve fade effect

Click 'Save Video' when completed.


Remove Presenter Video

You can remove the video feed from your content and have an audio-only version. To do this, click the icon shown in the screenshot below (just underneath the video preview and to the left of the playback controls).

A screenshot showing the convert video to audio only button in the editor

The video preview window in the Editor will turn black to show this has been applied. Save your changes to complete the edits. Click 'Save Video' when complete.


Remove, Add or Replace Slides

Remove slides

To remove a slide, click on the slide on the bottom section of the timeline (which shows your slides) to select it. Then click on the Delete Slides button to remove it.

Screenshot showing the Delete slides options and an area selected on the timeline where the slides will be deleted

You can also remove multiple slides if required. To do this, left click on the first slide you wish to remove, hold down the shift key on your keyboard then left click on the last slide, then click on Delete Slides and save your changes.

To Add a New Slide

Click on the timeline to position the playhead at the point where you want to insert a new slide. Please note, it is also possible to insert multiple slides at once/ Click on the Insert Slides button:

Screenshot showing the insert slides options and an area selected on the timeline where the new slides should be inserted

You will then be asked to browse your file area to select a JPG image of a slide to insert. You can export your slides from a PowerPoint presentation. Slides can be repositioned by clicking and dragging to their new preferred position. Save your changes when completed.

Replace Slides

This works in a similar way to the insert function but allows you to replace a slide that already exists:

  1. Click on the slide you wish to replace.
  2. Click on the Replace Slides button
  3. You will then be asked to browse your file area to select a jpg image of a slide to replace.

Please Note: You cannot directly insert PowerPoint slides into digital content on the timeline whilst in editing mode. Only images such as .JPG or .PNG images can be used. If you wish to use a slide from a PowerPoint presentation you need to export it as a .JPG first. To do this:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide(s) you want to export.
  2. Go to Save As to save your presentation.
  3. Select where you wish to save the slide(s).
  4. Go to the Save as Type option below the file name and choose either the format: JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg) or PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png) from the drop down list.
  5. You will be prompted to save either the individual slide OR every slide. If you select All Slides, a folder will be created at your chosen destination which will contain each slide as a .JPG.

Click 'Save Video' when complete.


Add Chapters to Your Recording

Open the Editor. Position the playhead at the point you wish to insert a chapter mark and click Insert Chapter. You will notice a small grey box appear at the foot of the edit timeline, this indicates where the chapter mark has been added:

Insert Chapter option selected on the timeline

Enter a suitable name for this chapter and click OK.

Repeat this as many times as required to add additional chapter marks to the recording and save your changes when complete.

When users watch the content, they can click the (i) information icon at the bottom of the video to see a summary of the chapter. 

Screenshot of Mediasite Playback showing chapter indicators and the Information I which can be clicked to show the full list of all chapter links

The chapters will be represented by small yellow dots:

Saving Your Changes

Click the 'Save Video' option on the top menu bar.

Save Video options in the Web Editor

Save Video to Current will overwrite the existing recording with the edits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you edit your video after captions have been processed and have saved your video to new using the Mediasite Web Editor, there is a known issue where Mediasite will not display captions correctly on the newly created video. It will include the captions of the original video and not the newly edited video. To resolve this, please use the the guidance in KB0013843 under the Submitting Mediasite content for captioning heading for resubmitting the newly edited video manually for captions. If you have made any edits, during the caption editor, these will also be removed and need to be done again. We apologise for the inconvenience and have escalated this with Mediasite.

Save Video to New will save the edits as a brand new recording whilst still keeping the original file available. Therefore, you will be required to give the recording a new name.

Screen where you can enter the name of your edits and then Save Video

You can check on the progress of your edits by clicking the Video Save Jobs button located in the top right-hand corner of the Editor. The progress will show as Completed when the edits have finished processing. 

Please Note: Depending on the number of edits, the length of your recording and the time of year, it may take several hours for the edits to complete. 

A screenshot showing the editor progress bar - which for this screenshot has been completed.

You can close the editor and the edits will continue working. You will receive an email once the edits have completed.


Restoring Recordings to their Original Version

If necessary, you can restore a recording back to it's original version and runtime, this will remove any edits that have been made.

Click on 'Show Revision History' option on the top menu bar.

You should see the history of Edits you have made. Click on 'Restore' next to 'Original Version' to restore the recording back to the original version. 


Click the 'Save Video' option on the top menu bar.

Save Video to Current will overwrite the existing edited recording with the original recording.