Loading software via Environment Modules on Engineering and Environment Linux desktops

The article provides information about using environment modules on Linux devices within the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences and Environment. The software is available immediately for use, with no further set-up required. Links to further reading are available at the end of this document.

If you require software that is not shown in the "module avail" list, or require a change to the available programs, please submit a request via http://it.leeds.ac.uk requesting that it is assigned to the Client Linux team.

After login, open a terminal window. The following environment module commands are available to you, type them into the terminal window and press enter:

$ man module

Shows the command list for Environment Module (man = manual)


$ module avail

Shows a list of available software


$ module load ...

Sources the requested module, e.g. module load anaconda


$ module remove ...

Removes a sourced module from your path, e.g. module remove anaconda


$ module list

Shows modules sourced to your computer


$ module purge

Removes all sourced modules.


$ module help ...

Display help information for a particular module 


Further Reading:

https://linux.die.net/man/1/module - On-line manual for module command