How to publish content to VideoLeeds

VideoLeeds is the University's video showcase platform and is a way to easily watch and showcase content, as well as search for specific content from different faculties.

It is open to the public so does not require a login to view publicly available videos. However, you can also restrict videos to only be seen by staff and students at the University of Leeds. This article shows you how to publish your content to VideoLeeds.

Below is a video which shows you how to publish content in Mediasite to VideoLeeds:

Log into Mediasite and click on the title of the video you want to publish to VideoLeeds.

Click on Publish to the right of the video.

Please Note: The recording must be viewable to allow you to publish to VideoLeeds. If it is still set to private, you will be presented with the notification below. If needed, click Make Presentation Viewable.

Once viewable, click on Add Publishing Destination.

Under the Showcase Channel option, choose 'Publish to Showcase'

You will then be presented with a list of channels which correspond to the channels on VideoLeeds. If in doubt, we usually recommend choosing your faculty or department. There are more channels listed on the second page or you can search using the magnifying glass icon.

You will then be asked to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions which you can read through before ticking the box. 

Please Note: When clicking on the links, hold down the Control key on Windows or Command on a Mac as you click to ensure the links open in a new browser window. Otherwise, you will need to restart the publishing process.

You can then choose who will have access to the content. Anyone who has access to the channel can be seen by everyone and is publically available (including non-members of the University of Leeds). Only logged-in users is only available for students and staff at the University of Leeds and they must be logged into see this content.

After you have selected the option, click Save in the top or bottom right hand corner.

Unpublishing from VideoLeeds

To remove a video from VideoLeeds, log into Mediasite and return to the Publish options (as shown in the steps above).

Under Publishing Destinations you will see all the channels that the video is linked to (this may include modules that the recording has been associated with - such as the example in the screenshot below).

To unlink the video from VideoLeeds, click the small dustbin icon underneath the Actions heading. The Destination will be listed as VideoLeeds.

Click Save in the bottom or top corner of Mediasite and your video will no longer available on VideoLeeds.