How to share and embed content from VideoLeeds

VideoLeeds is the University's video showcase platform and is a way to easily watch and showcase content, as well as searching for specific content from different faculties. VideoLeeds is open to the public so does not require a login to view publicly available videos. Some videos are only viewable by University members. Staff and students will need to log in with their University username and password to watch them. This article shows you how to share and embed content that has already been published to VideoLeeds.

Important Note: Before you can share or embed your content, you need to publish your video to VideoLeeds. For more information, please see the How to publish content to VideoLeeds Knowledge Base guide.

How to share videos from VideoLeeds

Navigate to VideoLeeds and locate the content you wish to share. If you know which Channel the content has been published to, you can search via the Channel link, or simply type in the title or keywords in the Search field. 

Click on the title of the video to open the web player. Scroll down and click on Share.

Type in the email address of the individual(s) you wish to share the video with.

 They will then receive a direct link to the video.

How to embed content from VideoLeeds

Embedding allows you to add videos from VideoLeeds to your website content management system. This allows people to watch the content on your page without accessing it via an additional link.

To embed a video, as above, browse to VideoLeeds and click on the title of the video you'd like to embed. Scroll down and click on Embed.

You can embed the video or the whole webpage. IF unsure, we would recommend you use Embed Video code. To do this, copy the embed code and paste into your website content management system.