Introduction to Lecture Capture and Media Management

Welcome to the Lecture Capture and Media Management system at the University of Leeds. This page provides an overview of what the system offers and how it can be used.

Introduction to Lecture Capture and Media Management

Below is an overview from OD&PL (Organisational Development & Professional Learning) explaining more about how you can use the system.

The Lecture Capture and Media Management system allows staff and students to create and share digital media. The interactive Sway below outlines 10 Key Things about the service. This will be particularly helpful for staff new to the University. Scroll down to view all information or go full screen by clicking the icon in top right-hand corner.

More information about the different types of recordings can be found below.

Scheduled (Timetabled) Recordings

Many lectures and teaching sessions at the University are automatically scheduled to be recorded through the University's timetabling system. These recordings are made available to the relevant students via modules in Minerva within 72 hours. Only staff and students with access to these modules can view the recordings. They are not publicly available. This process is referred to as auto-publishing. Lecturers can choose to delay the availability of the scheduled recordings before this time frame. There is also the opportunity to pause and re-start recordings during lectures and teaching sessions using a red button on the lectern. This ensures academic staff can choose exactly what they want to record. Lecturers can review and edit these recordings at any time.

Record Now

Teaching staff, Postgraduate Researchers with teaching commitments and some central service staff can also make use of Record Now which offers spontaneous recording of teaching sessions at any time. Over 280 central teaching spaces have access to a variety of lecture capture facilities. All offer the recording of audio and the image projected to students from the computer screen (for example, a PowerPoint presentation). Some teaching rooms also offer video recording of the presenter, although users can contact Timetabling to opt out of this video recording should they wish to do so. Users can find information about the lecture capture facilities of each room by visiting the SES website.

Personal Capture

Personal Capture enables all staff and students to create digital media using either Mediasite Mosaic or by uploading existing digital content. Students have the flexibility to record content on their mobile phones and edit this in any software they choose before uploading it to Mediasite. The majority of media file types can be uploaded and converted for viewing. Content can be shared via modules and organisations in Minerva or to a wider audience on a variety of platforms including VideoLeeds or the University’s YouTube channel. Students are encouraged to use personal capture to create digital content to support their learning and expand their digital literacy. A quick introduction to personal capture and its benefits can be viewed below:


At the heart of the Lecture Capture Media Management system lies Mediasite. This is the online hub accessed via any Internet browser where a user's digital content is stored for review, editing and publishing. Users can access their Mediasite by visiting and logging in with their University of Leeds username and password. This can be done on or off campus. Users have a set storage quota that is applicable to uploads, ad-hoc recordings, desktop recordings and mobile recordings. Timetabled sessions (scheduled recordings) do not count towards the quota. Students have 3GB of storage and staff have 10GB of storage. 

Benefits of Lecture Capture

Below is a video showing how some students are benefiting from Lecture Capture:

Antonio Martinez-Arboleda, Principle Teaching Fellow in Spanish, outlines the benefits of using Personal Capture to support students:

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