Konica Print Quality Issues

If your printout has unexpected lines, blotches, or faint areas you will need to report the problem to the IT Service Desk.

Please provide the Device Name (starts PS) or Equipment Number (starts with 18) from the label on the front of the printer.

Label on the front of the printer

If this label isn't present then please look for a Blue/Silver label on the front of the printer which will have the Equipment Number (and please mention that the "Fault Reporting" label is missing when you contact the IT Service Desk)

If you pay for your printing (students, taught postgraduates, and visitors) please let us know what documents were affected so that we can issue a refund to your MyPrint account.

There are a variety of problems that can lead to print quality issues. To further assist us in troubleshooting you can print the attached document (in colour). This helps us describe the problem to Konica so their engineer can bring the relevant parts.