Setting up your email FAQs

This article gives answers to some common questions relating to setting up your University email.

Is my Office 365 password the same as the password I use for other University of Leeds service?

Yes. To login to Office 365 you should use your University of Leeds login name ( and the same password you use for other services.

Remember that when you change your password, the Office 365 password will also be updated.  This means any apps or mobile devices which access your email will need to have their accounts settings updated with the new password.

Do I have to use Outlook?

No, you can use most commonly available email software and programs, or a web browser to access your email. For more information read about Supported email programs and features.

Can I use my Mac?

Yes, you can use any existing Mac email client (program) to access the new service. Outlook 2011/Outlook 2016 are the current recommended email client for Mac users.

Can I use Office for Mac - Outlook on my work Mac?

As a Mac user of Office for Mac, the Outlook component will continue to work allowing you access to email in Office365 once it has been upgraded. 

You may find the following information useful about using Office for Mac with Office 365.

For clarity, please note that the Office365 licence the University of Leeds staff have when we move to Office 365 does not allow an upgrade to latest version of Office.  The right to upgrade to the latest Office is either available through use of a University PC, which is site licenced through the campus agreement, or through individual purchase of an Office licence for each personal or non-PC device.

Can I use my LINUX machine?

Yes, continue to use your existing email client running on your Linux machine. Please see the LINUX related article for further information.

Will I get to keep my Office 365 account after I graduate?

No, your account will close soon after you graduate.

Can I change the language in Office 365?

Yes, you can change the language in Office 365. Find out how to change the language in Office 365.

I am trying to use Office 365 on an NHS computer and it is blocked. What can I do?

If you're trying to access the Office365 email service from an NHS Trust computer you may need to ask your local IT department to make change in their firewall rules. A range of IP addresses have been identified by Microsoft which will need to be accessible from your computer in order to access this service.

Find out Exchange Online URLs and IP Address Ranges.

Does Microsoft have access to my account information, such as my password?

No, Microsoft does not have access to your account information. Your username and password details are created and managed by the University of Leeds.  

I’m not getting any new emails?

Check that the device you are using is online and connected to the internet. To confirm you are not receiving any more emails open any web browser, login to Outlook Web App at and select Outlook. Note the last date and time an email was received and contact the IT Service Desk

Can I switch to a more familiar version of the web interface?

The Outlook Web App in the new Office 365 is designed to work well in the latest versions of supported browsers, however, Outlook Web App is also available in a “light” version that works much better in older browsers and provides improved accessibility. It may also provide a more familiar interface for people who are used to using the previous version of Outlook Web Access.

1. Log onto: 

2. Click 'Mail'. 

3. Click the 'settings' cog near the top right of the screen. 

4. Click 'options'. 

5. On the left hand pane, expand the 'general' section and click 'Light version' 

6. Tick the box which states 'Use the light version of Outlook on the web'. 

7. Click the 'Save' button. 

8. Log out of Office 365 and clear your browser cache:

9. Log back in and you should see the 'light' version has been activated. 

You can compare the standard and light versions of Outlook Web App

How do I turn off the conversations view?

By default, Outlook 2010/2013/2016 and Outlook Web App show your email messages with Conversations view enabled.  This can be turned off by clicking the "Conversations by Date" link at the top right of the message list.   Under "Conversations" simply select "Off" and your view will now be displayed as "Items by Date".

There are lots of other views, settings and customisations you can apply to Outlook Web App.

My desktop computer isn't loading my mailbox when I open Outlook

If something goes wrong when you're setting up your Outlook profile for the first time or your profile is later broken you may find none of your emails show in Outlook or Outlook fails to connect to the Exchange server.

To fix this issue please follow the guidelines below: