Setting up Desktop email clients (Home and University PCs)

You can access your email via Microsoft Outlook which is pre-installed on all University PCs. Follow the instructions below to setup Outlook both on and off campus. You can get Microsoft Office for free to use on up to 5 personal devices.

Configuring Microsoft Outlook when on campus

On your University PC, Outlook can be found in: Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office folder.

If you are connected to the University network, once you open Outlook for the first time, the Account Configuration wizard should launch automatically and locate your University details. If this does not happen, please create a new Outlook Profile. If you are prompted with a Windows Security box, please enter your username in the format:

Note: This is also the case if you have an 'adm' e-mail address.

Configuring Microsoft Outlook when off campus

You can access University email from off the campus network (such as at home or when connected to Eduroam Wi-fi) using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Open Microsoft Outlook from the desktop icon or search in the Start Menu. The first time setup wizard will appear. If you have used Outlook before, click File > Account Settings > Account Settings, and then click New.

Next, enter your name, full email address (NOT your username), and your usual University password.

Add account dialog box with email address field highlighted

When prompted to logon, fill in your username followed by NOT your email address, and confirm your password. You can choose to 'Remember my credentials' to stop being prompted each time you open Outlook.

Dialog box asking your to enter your username and password

Outlook should then automatically search for the correct server settings and three green ticks will confirm that your account has been successfully configured. Click 'Finish'.

Setup window

Outlook will then open automatically and it may take several minutes for all of your emails and folders to appear.

IMAP settings

The University does not support IMAP settings (secure or unsecure) to access email held within Office 365. 

POP settings

The University does not support POP settings (secure or unsecure) to access email held within Office 365. 

Find out more

There are Microsoft guides showing how to connect and set up your phone.