How to change your password

This guide explains how staff and students can change their University password. Please make sure you read all the steps before attempting to change your password. 

Before you start

1. If you haven't already done so, register for Self-service Password Reset (this will help you if your account is locked out or you forget your password). 

2. Log off ALL University systems (eg Minerva, Skype, OneNote, Teams, Outlook, Office 365 email, UniLeeds app) on all your devices (eg smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch).

3. If you are using a University PC connected to the University wired network 'forget' the eduroam network on all your devices.  

4. If you are changing your password over eduroam, 'forget' the eduroam network on all your other devices.

5. If you are changing your password over another wireless network such as your home wireless, 'forget' the eduroam network on all your devices where possible.

6. Remove any saved passwords for University systems on your University computer in web browsers and apps (email, Outlook, Office apps, Teams, OneDrive, OneNote) on ALL your devices.
For security reasons you should not save your passwords in web browsers.

You MUST complete these steps before attempting to change your password, otherwise your devices could automatically try to connect with your old password and lock you out.

Changing your password

Your password must contain: 

It must not contain your name or username

For most people, if you have access to a web browser: 

Once complete you will receive an email from Microsoft on behalf of University of Leeds (

Subject: Your University of Leeds password has been reset
The password on your account has recently been reset. If you preformed this password reset, then this message is for your information only. 
User ID: 
If you are not sure whether you or your administrator performed this password reset, then you should contact your administrator immediately. 
Remember: Make sure that you update all of your devices (phones, tables and PCs) with your new password!

Password reset notification email, with text as above

Please note: If you have any  Microsoft 365 applications open, you will be prompted to input your new password and complete Duo two factor authentication.

Changing your password on a University owned Mac

Please follow these instructions

Changing your password in Linux

After you have successfully changed your password

After you have changed or reset your password:


1. I've changed my password and now I can't log into, Minerva or another University website.
Your account may be locked. Unlock your account.

2. I've changed my password and now I can't log in to my University laptop.
If you are not connected to the University wired network your new password may not have synchronised yet - try your old password. Once logged in, to update your device to use your new password:

3. I can't access
If you are on campus, use a University Windows PC or University encrypted laptop connected to the wired network (staff) or a cluster PC (students or staff):