Account locked out or forgotten password

What to do if your account is locked out or you have forgotten your password. 

I know my password, but I am locked out of my account

If you enter the wrong password several times, or your device tries to connect with an incorrect password, then your account will be locked. If you have registered for Self-Service Password Reset, you can immediately unlock your account yourself.

If you have not registered, you will have to wait (usually 30 minutes) before it unlocks on its own. Find out how to register online

Account lock outs can happen when you have changed your password, if your devices (eg laptop, phone, tablet or smartwatch) are still trying to log into a University system or the eduroam network using cached (remembered) incorrect log in details. 

Before trying to unlock your account with the Self-Service Password Reset, or during the time while you are waiting for your account to be unlocked, make sure you forget eduroam on all your devices and remove any saved passwords in case the saved details are incorrect. 

If you still cannot log in, please contact the IT Service Desk for help. 

I have forgotten my password

If you are registered for Self-Service Password Reset, you can use this to create a new password immediately. Make sure you forget eduroam on all your devices and remove any saved passwords before creating a new password to prevent being locked out.

If you are not registered you will need to visit the IT Service Desk and bring some photographic identity with you. The password will usually be changed within two working hours but if urgent this can often be done while you wait (during normal working hours). 

Remember, make sure your new password follows the good password guidelines.