How to connect a gaming console or Internet TV in your room

Find out how to connect your games console and internet TV in your hall of residence.

Current games consoles and Internet TVs won't be able to connect to the wireless network as we use a technology called 802.1x. You'll need to use the wired connection (additional guidance in the How to Connect to the Residence Network guide in the related articles). Once you have connected your console/TV (your site office has cables if required) you will need to register your device on the residence network.

For devices with web browsers, go to and enter your username (not your email address) and password as normal. For example, on the PlayStation 4, open up the built in web browser. It should automatically redirect you to the correct page, where you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Consoles, TVs and other devices that do not have a web browser can be registered manually at from your laptop or phone. You can also follow this guide if you have problems connecting your PlayStation or Xbox. You will need the wired MAC address of the device.

Sometimes TVs won't receive an IP address at all. To fix this, you will need to factory reset your TV. Once your TV comes back on you will need to accept all of the policies regarding internet access and usage. You should now receive an IP and can now register the TV on NetReg if you haven't done so already.

Finding your PlayStation 4 MAC address

This guide was created using a PlayStation 4, but the process is very similar for a PlayStation 3.

Finding your PlayStation 5 MAC address

Finding your Xbox MAC address

This guide was created using an Xbox Series X/S, but the process is very similar for the Xbox One and 360.