Data management

This article contains guidance on data management and deletion of data.


Policy Requirement

35. “Individuals must adhere to the University’s Document Retention schedules.”

35.1 All members of the University are only to retain documents in both electronic and paper form in accordance with the relevant document retention schedules.

35.2 With regard to research activity there is an exemption under the law whereby research data may be kept for a lengthy period of time. However appropriate retention periods should always be considered as part of good practice. For further advice see Research Data Leeds or see data protection guidance.

Deletion of data

Policy Requirement

36. “Classified information must be reviewed regularly and frequently and data that is no longer required must be deleted.”

36.1 Personal data should not be retained when it is no longer required. Ideally you should delete personal data as soon as you have finished with it.

36.2 You should also carry out regular and frequent ‘housekeeping’ activities to identify and dispose of data that that has been retained but is no longer needed. See for useful tips and guidance on electronic housekeeping.