Cancelling MyPrint charges when there is a problem

If you pay for your printing (students, taught postgraduates, and visitors) you can request a cancellation of MyPrint charges if a printer problem has either affected the quality of your printout or prevented your document from being produced.

If your document did not print out please check this article, as you may be able to resolve the issue and get your document.

Issues must be reported to the IT Service Desk within 2 days of the incident, and we may ask you to send us a photo of the problem.

VisitĀ and copy the information from the Recent Print Jobs section for the items that didn't print properly. The information in the Recent Print Jobs log includes the details of the printer, which enables us to send a technician to the printer and fix the fault, and helps us identify the amount that needs refunding.

We will cancel MyPrint charges for:

We do not cancel the MyPrint charges if you:

Remember :