Download your Lecture Capture and Mediasite content

This article will show you how to download a copy of your Lecture Capture and Mediasite content as a Vodcast (video) or Podcast (audio only).

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Legal Notice

Before making your content visible to others, it is your responsibility to ensure you have considered legal issues such as copyright, right of others to opt out, accessibility and attribution. Please see further information from the Library on copyright. All content is intellectual property of the University. Therefore, if you are leaving the University and wish to take copies of your recordings with you, you must first seek permission from your Head of School or Service.


Important Note: If you click on 'Download to Computer' before following the steps below, you will receive a message that 'No download options available right now'.

This is because you need to specify what format you would like the file to be in before you download it; for example, whether you want a video or audio version.

Creating a Vodcast or Podcast

Log into Minerva.

Click on 'Mediasite' tab under Tools and Other University Systems on the right hand side:

Once your list of recordings in Mediasite has loaded, click on the title of your recording.

Choose Edit Details (to the right of the video).


Select the Delivery tab (underneath the thumbnail preview of the content).

Tick Vodcast (video) or Podcast (audio only). You can select both if you wish. 

Note: Live content is not currently enabled at the University.

Edit Presentation window with Delivery tab selected

Next, choose Select a Vodcast Project and choose an option based on what type of recording your content was. For example, if it was a timetabled teaching session in a lecture theatre and you wanted to include the video camera and what was displayed on the PC in the room, choose Option 2. See the table below for more information

Vodcast ProjectInformation

Option 1

Lecture Capture - Export Slides and Audio Only to MP4


This is used for a scheduled (timetabled) or Ad-hoc recordings in a teaching room or lecture theatre. Select this if the presenter video has not been recorded, or if you don't want to include video.

Option 2

Lecture Capture - Export Presenter Video, Slides and Audio to MP4 


This is used for a scheduled (timetabled) or Ad-hoc recordings in a teaching room or lecture theatre. This will include all elements of the recordings (including PowerPoint slides and presenter video).


Option 3

Desktop Recording & Media Upload - Export to MP4 


This is for Desktop Recordings or Media Uploads. This will display all content captured. There will be a University of Leeds watermark in the top right hand corner. This is a branding requirement and cannot be disabled.

Option 4

Lecture Capture - Export Presenter Video and Audio to MP4

This exports just the video camera feed of your recording  for example, this would be useful if you have a video in a teaching room and only use the whiteboard and not the projector.

Please Note: The Podcast options are all exported to the MP3 audio format and you can select from Low, Medium or High. If in doubt, Medium is a good compromise of file size and audio quality.

This guide used a timetabled lecture (in a bronze room) without any video camera, so 'Lecture Capture - Export Slides and Audio Only to MP4' was selected.

Once the option is ticked and download type selected, click Save. 

Once you click save, the process will start automatically in the background. Your download will not be immediately available and there is no confirmation when it is ready.

It usually takes twice as long as the duration of the original recording to create a Vodcast, but can take a bit longer during busy periods. If it's not urgent, we recommend checking back the next day.


Access your downloads

Once your Vodcast and/or Podcast has been created, log back into Mediasite and click on the title of your video again.

Scroll down to the bottom and click on Download to Computer at the right of the screen. A download button should now be available:

Click Download to download either an MP4 or MP3 copy of your content (depending on what you selected).


Remove a Vodcast or Podcast

Vodcasts and Podcasts count towards your Mediasite Storage Quota so we recommend removing them if you no longer need to download the file or are wanting to save some space.

To do this, click on Edit, select the Delivery tab. This time, untick the Vodcast or Podcast option, depending on what you selected for the content. Then click Save in the top right-hand corner of the window. 

To confirm they have been removed, you can click Download to Computer and you should see no download options available.