ChemDraw Prime

What is it?

ChemDraw Prime is a computer program used for creating and modifying representations of chemical structures. 

The University has an academic institutional licence for ChemDraw Prime, which includes support and maintenance. The current ChemDraw Prime agreement is active until 15th July 2025.

ChemDraw Prime is available for Windows and Mac.

Where is it available?

ChemDraw Prime is available via AppsAnywhere.

The software can be accessed from the following locations:

Mac users with personal devices can install ChemDraw Prime by downloading and activating the software via this link: Self Registration Link.

Please follow the directions in the Quick-start guide to install and activate the software: Quick-Start Guide Link.

If you use a University-owned Mac, you can request the software via an "Install Software" request- see related request.

Further information and support

Information for users with local installations of ChemDraw Prime

Existing local installations of ChemDraw versions 19 and later should reactivate automatically and show an expiration date of 15th July 2025.

If your locally installed version of ChemDraw needs reactivation, you can do this yourself via self-registration via the Perkin Elmer website. Please follow this link: Self Registration Link.

Please refer to the quick-start guide for full instructions: Quick-Start Guide Link.

Additional information

Please note that the University institutional licence is for ChemDraw Prime only and does not cover the use of other ChemOffice products (Chem3D and ChemFinder are not included in the subscription).

More information about ChemDraw can be found via the Perkin Elmer website: ChemDraw website

(Note: The University is not responsible for the content of external websites.)