How to link Mediasite content to a module in Minerva

This article shows members of staff how to link Mediasite content to a module in Minerva. You will need to do this for Mediasite Mosaic recording, files uploaded to Mediasite or Record Now recordings.

Automatic (timetabled) lectures are automatically linked to a module (please note this does not include merged modules). This is managed via the central timetable. However, you can add additional modules (or change the module at a later date) following the guide below.

Important Note: You must be the owner of the content (or have Editor rights) and also enrolled as an instructor on the module to be able to add or remove modules.

To enable closed captions in the video, please click the CC button once the video is playing.

Linking Mediasite Content to Minerva Modules

Log into Minerva.

On the homepage (under the 'Tools and Other University Systems' heading), click 'Mediasite'.

Please Note: If you don't see Mediasite listed here, please click 'Show All'.

The link to Mediasite on the homepage is the link that must be used to link Mediasite content to Modules. You will not be able to link to modules by going directly to Mediasite, please log in via Minerva first and use the Mediasite site link on the homepage.   

Mediasite link on the Minerva homepage

Once your list of recordings in Mediasite has loaded, click on the title of your recording.

By default, all content is private in Mediasite. The content needs to be made viewable so students can see it.

To do this, click Edit Details (to the right of the video).

Edit Details option in Mediasite

Under the 'Visibility' heading, change the dropdown from Private to Viewable (shown below):

Changing the visibility heading from private to viewable in Mediasite.

Next, scroll down to the Modules heading.

Click on Add Module. This will open a new search window.

Add module button on Mediasite video details highlighted with an arrow

Note: The system should automatically display modules that you have publishing access/Instructor rights to. If you are enrolled on a high number of modules, it may take a short time to return the particular module you are searching for. Please be patient as there isn't a progress indicator.

Modules are ordered by oldest first. To see your newest modules, click on Page 1 and click on the last page in the list. Alternatively, you can search for the module by clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon:

Add Module window with search magnifying glass highlighted

Add module window with search box highlighted. The box says, "Type module name or code here"

Please make sure that you select the correct module code for the academic year e.g., 2020/21. Otherwise, it will not be seen by students in this academic year.

The selected module will appear (as shown below).

Click 'Save'.

Video details window with module showing as added. Save option is highlighted 

The recording will then appear for students enrolled on the module.

Please see this guide for navigating to Mediasite content in Minerva - Module Lecture Capture in Minerva - Staff Guide


How to Remove a Module

If you want to remove a module, click on Dustbin icon located to the left of the module title.

Video details window with Bin icon highlighted to remove linked module

Once your changes have been made, click 'Save'.


Important Note for Mediasite Links

If you are adding Items or External Links in Minerva, the Mediasite content must be set to My Organisation and use the link from Share Presentation as outlined in this guide. It will have in the link and not the presentation (see below):

Use the Play URL in Mediasite not presentation

If you don't use the play link, students will receive a 'Not Authorized' error in Minerva when trying to watch the content.


Linking recordings in Minerva and Embedding directly into a Document

There is a comprehensive guide covering how to add secure links to recordings and embed content in Minerva which can be found here - Add Video from Mediasite - Staff Guide