Upload content to Mediasite

This article shows you how to upload video or audio files to Mediasite and also upload content directly from a mobile device.

Uploading from your computer

Log into Mediasite and select Add Presentation at the top left of the screen (under your name):

Add Presentation

Then click Upload New Video.

Upload New Video Screenshot

On your computer, browse for the desired video or audio file and click Open.

You will need to specify a Name (the description is optional). Please leave the destination as 'My Drafts'.

Click Create Presentation.

The New Presentation Details window showing an example title, optional description and the Create Presentation option highlighted

Important Note: Depending on the size of your content, there may be a small delay whilst Mediasite processes the file. Please be patient and do not click refresh. You cannot upload files larger than 2GB.

When your file is uploaded, you will receive a 'Success' notification in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

A screenshot of the 'Success - Media Uploaded' successfully notification

Your content will then be processed. This is shown by a blue progress bar and a 'Currently Working' thumbnail will appear.

A screenshot of the 'Currently Working' screen in Mediasite showing a blue progress bar whilst a video is being processed in Mediasite (before it is ready to be viewed or edited).

Important Note: During busy periods, it can take up to 8 hours to process your content, but it is usually much quicker. You can close/log out of Mediasite and the content will continue processing in the background.

Once your content has finished uploading, you will receive an email notification and will be able to review, edit and share the content in Mediasite.

Please Note: If you have problems uploading content (such as raw MTS video files from camcorders), you may need to convert them to MP4 using software such as HandBrake. Unfortunately, we are unable to support the use of this software.


Uploading Content from a Mobile Device

You can upload content directly from a mobile device (such as an iPad) to Mediasite.

To do this, log into Mediasite on your device.

Choose Add Presentation and then Upload New Video.

Upload New Video on iOS

Note: You will see less options than when uploading content from a computer. Link External Video is discussed in more detail in the Related Articles section.

Browse for the content on your mobile device and then choose Create Presentation.

Your content will then upload and process in the same way as outlined above. You will receive an email when it is ready.