Lecture Capture Auto-publishing Information

Automatic Lecture Capture recordings (which have been scheduled via the teaching timetable) will be automatically published to the associated module in Minerva 72 hours from the recording being processed (the owner will receive an email to confirm when this has been done). This does not apply to Record Now recordings, Mediasite Mosaic recordings or files manually uploaded to Mediasite as these are managed via a personal storage quota.

Auto-publishing (and making your content available earlier)

Auto-publishing is applied to each scheduled recording as an 'action' that will change the visibility of the recording from private to viewable. This will make the content visible to students and staff enrolled on all the modules that are attached to the recording. Your recording will automatically link to the module defined from the timetable data and will be in a private state. This means only you can play back the content. It is advisable to make any edits or add any additional metadata at this point. If you do not want your recording to auto-publish, you will need to remove the action for each recording (as described in the Removing the auto-publishing action section of this article).

To publish your recording earlier, log into Mediasite

Click on the title of the recording you want to make viewable early

Under the 'Who Can View?' heading, move the slider to Only Shared Users

Screenshot showing the sharing slide on the 'Only Shared Users' setting

If needed, you can edit your recording at any point once it has been made available.

If you change your mind and want to make it private again, follow the instructions above and change the sharing slider to Only Me.

Screenshot showing the sharing slider set to Only Me which means the recording is private and only viewable by the owner

Removing the auto-publishing action

Removing the action will mean the recording will not be automatically published.

To remove the auto-publish action, log into Mediasite and click on the title of your recording.

Click Edit Details to the right of the recording.

Screenshot of the Edit Details option in Mediasite

Select the Actions tab, located underneath the thumbnail of the recording.

Here you will see the actions that are applied to the recording.

Next to the '3 Days after upload date' action, click Remove and then click Save.

A screenshot showing the '3 Days after upload date' and the option to remove this action.

Important Note: Scheduled recordings are automatically deleted after 2 years in line with the University's Retention and Deletion Policy. This means that every timetabled recording will have the 2 years after upload date action applied. Although you can currently remove this action, this content will still be deleted in accordance with the policy based on when the recording was created.

Keeping your content

If you would like to keep the content, please ensure it is moved to a personal folder. For more information, see the guide titled 'How to move Mediasite Content to your Drafts Folder' under the related articles section of this article.

Further information can also be found in the University Policy on Audio or Video Recording for Educational Purposes.