How to use Record Now (formerly Ad-hoc Recorder)

To record a non-timetabled event in a teaching room with lecture capture recording facilities, you can use the Record Now application installed on all podium PCs to do a manual recording.

Book the space in advance using the online room booking system.

Launch Record Now

Log in to the podium PC using your University username and password.

Important Note: the user who logs onto the PC will be the owner of the recording and will be able to control who has access to view it.

When you are ready to record, double click on the icon on the Record Now Launcher icon on the desktop.

Record Now Launcher

You will be prompted to login using your and usual password.

Please Note: If you have already logged into another University system, such as Minerva or Office 365, you will not be prompted to log in as Record Now uses the University's secure Single Sign-On.

The Record Now interface will open (shown below) and you will see different options depending on the room standard you are in:

This guide covers recording in a Silver Room to record the PC, microphone and video camera.

Using Record Now

After launching Record Now from the desktop, enter a title for your recording.

Enter a duration. The default is 55 minutes but this can be changed if needed.

Click Begin Recording under the type of recording you want to do. In this case, 'Record with video camera'

Record Now interface


Record Now will create a schedule, sync with the recorder in the room and then start recording. This can take up to 2 minutes.

Once the recording has started, you will see the recording interface (shown below). The red recording light on the podium will also illuminate.

Please Note: You can pause or end the recording using the 'Pause Recording' or 'Stop Recording' options shown below:

Recording in Record Now

You can also pause your recording by pressing the red button on the lectern once (and once again to resume). To end the recording, press and hold this button for 5 seconds. 


Once you have finished your recording by clicking 'Stop Recording', you will be see the 'Recording Ended' menu (shown below). To do another recording, click Main Menu. Alternatively, you can view your recordings in Mediasite or log out if you have finished.

Recording Ended

Your recording will be uploaded to Mediasite and within 8 hours you will be sent an email saying your recording is available.

Email from Mediasite once recording has finished

You can then review, edit and share your recording.