UniLeeds Mobile App

The UniLeeds Mobile App allows you to access a number of useful features from your smartphone or tablet, such as your timetable. This article describes the features available and how to download the app.

The UniLeeds App has a range of useful features for staff and students including:

Where can I download the UniLeeds app?

Get the latest version System Requirements
  Android 7.0 and up
   iOS 12 and up

Please note we cannot guarantee phones which do not natively have Google Play and associated services installed will work correctly with the app and are considered a 'reasonable-endeavours' approach to support. Jailbroken devices running iOS come under the same consideration. Other phone operating systems can access the app's functionality at through the UniLeeds website but some functions may not work depending on the operating system.

Why can't I log into the UniLeeds app?

Please make sure you are logging in using just your username@leeds.ac.uk. Logging in with your email address does not work with the app. If you are just using your username@leeds.ac.uk and still cannot log in please contact the IT Service Desk for further assistance with your account

Why is my timetable not displaying correctly within the UniLeeds app?

First check that your timetable is displaying correctly in Minerva. If there is a discrepancy please manually refresh your timetable by going into the Timetable tile and pulling down on the screen.

Please note: power saving options need to be disabled otherwise updates may not work.

If you are still experiencing issues after following the above, please refer to the additional guidance on the For Students site.

Why are my timetabled sessions displaying at the wrong time?

Check your phone's date and time settings. Your phone needs to be set to use the 24 hour time format and the timezone set to automatic.