What is it?

OriginPro is a scientific charting and data analysis package. The University has a campus wide site licence for OriginPro, active until 30th June 2026.

Where is it available?

OriginPro is available via AppsAnywhere on University computers, Windows Virtual Desktop, and personal Windows devices (see related articles).

OriginPro is only available on Windows. Mac and Linux users will need to access the software via the Windows Virtual Desktop (Academic) system.

OriginPro and Licence Borrowing

Unless you are connected to the campus wired network, to use OriginPro you will need to connect to the University VPN before launching the software (see related article). This applies to people using OriginPro through AppsAnywhere and those who have a local copy of the OriginPro software installed (network installation).

If you use a mobile device, a licence borrowing option can be set within OriginPro that will allow you to use the software off the network for up to 6 days.

If you lose network connection when using Origin and haven't borrowed a licence, your usage will be limited to 3 minutes, until you are back online.

Here are the instructions for borrowing an OriginPro licence:

  1. Open Origin (you need to be connected to the internet and University VPN to reach the licence manager).
  2. Click on Help; About Origin.
  3. Click on License.
  4. Click Borrow.
  5. Select from the dropdown list the number of days that you would like to borrow the licence (maximum is 6).
  6. Uncheck the box "Return borrowed license when reconnect to network".
  7. Click Request Now.
  8. You should see a message stating that your licence has been checked out successfully.

    NOTE: If you restart Origin while still connected to the network your licence will automatically be checked back in unless you UN-checked the "Return borrowed license when reconnect to network" checkbox to borrow the licence.

    You can return a borrowed licence by following the same instructions as above but in part 5, click "returned borrowed license now".

Further information and support

OriginLab Help Center, including documentation and tutorials

(Note: The University is not responsible for the content of external websites.)