Connecting to University Wi-Fi (eduroam) - New Digital Certificate

To maintain the security of our wireless network, we regularly replace the digital certificate used on eduroam.

You will need to update your devices with the new certificate after this update. This affects everyone in the University who uses eduroam.

The digital certificate is a way of identifying the network and is an important part of our network security.

Why is it being updated?

Digital certificates have an expiration date to ensure that the information contained within them is kept up to date. The current certificate has expired and needs to be replaced with a new one.

How to update on campus

When the University starts using a new digital certificate for eduroam authentication, you will need to accept the new digital certificate on your device in order to connect to the network.

If you connect to the eduroam network as normal, you will be prompted to accept the new certificate from

Once you have accepted the certificate you will not be prompted again.

Using the WiFi setup network

If you experience problems connecting to eduroam we recommend that you connect to the network called ‘WiFi setup – University of Leeds’.

This network is linked to an automated tool which will install the new certificates on your device. 

If you’re in Halls of Residence, connect to the Wireless Personal Network (WPN) first and then access the automated configuration tool.

Connect via browser

If your device does not automatically connect to the configuration tool, please visit our dedicated webpage to help you connect in your browser

Sometimes it may be necessary to forget the existing eduroam connection first before the certificate updates.

Connecting to eduroam from another institution

If you are working on eduroam at another institution, you will still be required to accept the new digital certificate.

You will not able to access our automated WiFi setup tool off-campus, so please follow the above instructions to connect via your browser