Mediasite Storage Quotas and Module Folders

Mediasite content is stored in two key locations

Important Note: My Presentations shows all content that you own regardless of where it is stored.


Managing your Content

Personal Folders in Mediasite

All staff and students have a My Drafts folder in Mediasite where content they own is securely stored. If you upload a video to Mediasite, use the Mosaic recording application or Record Now in a teaching room, these are placed in the My Drafts folder. 

Mediasite Key Folder Locations

My Drafts folders have a storage quota because they are not subject to the University's Lecture Capture Retention and Deletion Policy, (more information on the policy under the 'Related Articles' section). This means the content is not automatically deleted. You can request a quota increase (see below) but if you are archiving lots of content, we recommend using OneDrive for this. 

Moving videos to module folders

To reduce your personal quota, you can move content to a module folder or a shared folder. For module folders, depending on how many you are enrolled on, this may take a couple of minutes to find them all. 

The content will still be owned by you and appear in My Presentations but not in My Drafts. This means it will not count towards your personal storage quota as in the case of module folders it is now subject to the University’s two year retention and deletion policy. For more information, see the moving Mediasite Content to a Module Folder guide under the 'Related Articles' section of this article.

Move Content to a shared folder

Please Note: You can move content back to your My Drafts folder if you want to retain the content beyond 2 years or download a copy of it. Guidance on how to download content from Mediasite can be found under the 'Related Articles' section of this article.

You can check that your content has been moved by clicking on Shared Folders in Mediasite. This will bring up a list of all the module folders you have permission to see. Again, this may take a few moments to load. You can also favourite module folders if you want quick access to them as they will then stay under the Shared Folders heading in Mediasite (shown below).

Favouriting shared folders in Mediasite

Important Note: If you delete content from the My Presentations tab, this will be deleted even if you have moved it to a module folder. If content is in a module folder, you don’t need to delete it if you are wanting to reduce your personal storage quota. 

The video below shows how to move content between your personal folder (My Drafts) and modules folders, covering key differences.

Deleting videos

You can reduce the amount of storage you have used by deleting content. To do this, click on the title of the video and select Delete in the top right-hand corner of the video.

Deleting content via the Delete button above the video preview in Mediasite

Once content is deleted in Mediasite, it will be held in a recycle bin for 90 days before being fully deleted. You can request for content to be restored using the link under the 'Related Requests' section of this article.


Default storage quotas

Please Note: If you exceed your quota, you will not be able to edit or upload recordings. You will receive an email from Mediasite when you are above 80% of your quota or you go over quota. 

Check your current quota

Log into Minerva and click the Access Mediasite and Lecture Capture content icon in the top right (it looks like a film strip).

In the bottom left of the screen, click on Total Quota Used menu to see more details about how much quota you are using (an example is shown below):

Quota preview from Total Quota Used button.

Once you reach 80% of your storage capacity, you will be notified by email. Upon reaching 100% or more, you will be notified by e-mail and your functionality will be restricted until you fall back below your assigned quota. There will also be a notification displayed in Mediasite. 

Please note it is not currently possible to check quotas for shared folders. If you have a query regarding this, please contact us via the Lecture Capture/Mediasite Query form (please note you will need to be logged in to access this).

Requesting a quota increase

You can request a higher quota limit by using the via the Increase Mediasite Storage Quota form (please note you will need to be logged in to access this).

Our current quotas for staff are as follows:

  1. 10GB (Default)
  2. 50GB (Elevated with approval from IT)
  3. 100GB (Elevated with approval from IT)
  4. 200GB (Elevated with approval from IT)
  5. 300GB (Super User quota - requires approval from the Digital Education Service)

Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis once submitted. These quota levels are regularly reviewed and subject to change.