Getting Started With Argos

Argos is a system that is used for running reports. Find out how to get started, and where to get help.

How To Get Access

To access Argos : Open Internet Explorer and enter the Argos URL

Argos reporting is hosted and supported by IT. 

Making An Application To Be A User

Request Access to Argos

Any person being an employee of the University of Leeds can make an application at any time. 

As an Argos user you will have access to data which is confidential to the University and its members. This data is also protected by the Data Protection Act. Any breach of confidentiality or misuse of information could lead to disciplinary action.

By requesting a username, you agree to abide by the Data Protection Act and the University's policies and codes of practice and that you have read and understood the DPA guidelines; and that you agree to abide by the University Information Security policy governing the use of computing systems.