How to get a username (staff)

Members of staff or those who work on behalf of the University who need access to University IT systems such as University email, Wi-Fi and Minerva, will need to be issued with a University username and password.

We're making it easier, faster and more secure to get appropriate access to University IT systems.  
The ‘Request Username Form’ is now redundant.  University staff no longer need to apply for a username as this will be created automatically once an active SAP record has been created.

Please note that this includes contractors and agency workers. Postgraduates with teaching responsibilities will also need to have a staff account in addition to their student one.

This is to ensure that only the authorised individuals have access to University systems including the right to work checks being completed. 

How to apply for a University username

Managers will need to ensure they submit new starter information in ample time to ensure the new account is available when the member of staff starts. 

Your username

New usernames will be in an anonymised format which consists of four random letters followed by numbers, contributing to better security and privacy measures. An example of this is shown in this table.

PropertyExample staff details
Display nameRobin Bloggs

Applying for project or shared mailbox accounts

If you need to set up a project/shared mailbox account you’ll need to complete this request form.

Applying for SAP and Banner accounts

For instructions on getting accounts to use the SAP or Banner systems, please see the related articles (you will need to be logged into this website in order to see these articles).