My document hasn't printed out

Remember - documents do not print at MyPrint printers until you log in to the printer and select your documents for printing.

Before you use a printer - look to see if any orange warning lights are lit.

Your document may not print immediately if :

Your document will be stored on the printer and will print out as soon as the issue is resolved.

If your document contains sensitive information and hasn't printed you can delete it from the Job List at the printer.

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you can't resolve the problem, or you need a refund of printing charges (students, taught postgraduates, and visitors). We will need details of the issue, and the name of the printer.

Document is slow transferring to the printer

It can take a couple of minutes for your document to be transferred to the printer. While this is happening a blue light will flash below the screen.

blue indicates

When your document has been received by the printer a white light below the screen will flash indicating that your document will soon start printing.

white indicator light



"There is no matching paper size" error

MyPrint printers only contain A4 & A3 paper, so an error will occur at the printer if your document is set with a different paper size.

If this error occurs when you are printing or copying - DO NOT WALK WAY - if you leave the printer in this error state the people using the printer after you will not get their documents.

If the document you are printing has a paper size of Letter, A5, or it is a photograph, or you are copying from a journal or book the printer will ask you to load paper into the bypass tray.

You can force the printer to use A4 or A3 - to do this tap the Paper Tray Setting button on-screen.

no matching paper

Then choose a tray that contains a suitable alternative paper size.

alternative paper size

Alternatively you can delete your document from Job List.

To avoid this problem :


A paper tray is empty and needs A4 or A3 paper loading

If the printer needs A4 or A3 paper loading you will see a "Replenish paper or select another paper tray" screen when you try to print.

Image of printer screen showing "Replenish paper or select another paper tray" message

The empty tray will have an orange light. Follow these instructions to load paper in the tray - the paper must be loaded correctly or the printer won't be able to use it. Once this is done the on-screen message will go away and your document will print.

If you can't refill the paper tray please delete your document from the Job List.


Orange warning light is lit

If there is a fault with the printer the orange warning light on the left side of the screen will be lit.

Orange Warning Light

To find out more about the fault press Menu (if you are logged in) or Access (if you are logged out).

If there is a physical issue with the printer there will be an ! (exclamation mark) displayed on the dark gray bar near the top of the screen - tap it for details.

If the ! symbol isn't present is it likely that there is a document stuck in the Job List on the printer (usually because someone tried to copy or print something that wasn't A4/A3 and they walked away without resolving the issue). You can delete these by tapping on Job List.



Deleting documents from the Job List at the printer

To access the Job List press Menu (if you are logged in) or Access (if you are logged out).



How to find the Device Name of the printer if you need to contact the IT Service Desk

The Device Name (starts PS) or Equipment Number (starts with 18) is displayed on the label on the front of the printer.

The fault reporting label can be found just below the touch-screen

If this label isn't present then please look for a Blue/Silver label on the front of the printer which will have the Equipment Number (and please mention that the "Fault Reporting" label is missing when you contact the IT Service Desk)

If you aren't in front of the printer, you can get the device name from the Recent Print Jobs section of the MyPrint portal

Image of the Recent Print Jobs section of the MyPrint portal