EDINA UK Data Service Census Support

EDINA UK Data Service Census Support provides boundary data of the UK. The data is available in many Geographic Information System (GIS) formats and is for teachers and researchers in the UK to download and use in their work.

It provides access to the following types of boundaries: administrative; census; electoral; eurostat; health; historic; other; other - crime and justice; other - economic; other - education; other - environment; other - urban/rural classification; postal; and statistical building block.

A full list of the different boundaries available is at: UK Data Service Boundary List

Registering for the UK Data Service

To access UK Data Service Census Support, interested users need to first register for the UK Data Service using their University username and password. Accessing the UK Data Service and its associated services does not require an institutional subscription.

Once registration is complete you should be able to login to UK Data Service Census Support via the Login link on its homepage.

Further information: