Jisc Online surveys (formerly BOS) accounts

Online surveys (formerly BOS) is an easy-to-use service that lets you build, send out, and analyse your survey results, all on the web. The University of Leeds has an active subscription to this service.

Important Information about Online Surveys (updated January 2024)

Online Surveys version 3 (v3) is now available. All existing users (as at 20th September 2023) and any new user will be set up on v3 by default. 

People still using Online Surveys v2 can continue to use this version until July 2024. Jisc will switch off Online Surveys v2 on 31st July 2024. You will need to migrate to v3 before this date.

Jisc previously communicated that Online Surveys v2 would be discontinued in February 2024. However, as a response to customer feedback and conversations, they have now extended the access until July.

How to apply for a username for Online Surveys

To request a username, please click on the related request: 'Online Surveys Account' (you must be logged into the IT website to see this).

If you need to be set up on v2 of Online Surveys (to access an existing survey), this is still possible up until 30th April 2024. Please raise a standard service request via https://it.leeds.ac.uk/it

Accessing Online Surveys

The Online Surveys v3 site can be accessed via the following link: Jisc Online Surveys v3 

Migration from v2 to v3 of Online Surveys

Please note that the two versions of Online Surveys (v2 and v3) will only run in parallel until July 31st 2024. Before this date, the creation of new surveys in v2 will be prevented by Jisc to encourage the use of the new version.

Jisc will NOT be migrating existing data and surveys from v2 to v3. Please refer to the following frequently asked questions page, and review what steps you need to take to manually backup your data from v2: FAQ: Migration to Online Surveys v3.

Online help can be found at Jisc Online Surveys- Help & Support. University IT Services can enable you to access Online Surveys, but cannot provide help and support with using Online Surveys. Help should be sought by following the advice through the Jisc online help pages.