SAP Account Management (SAM) - further information

This page explains how to apply for access to SAP.

Requesting SAP roles

• The Employee or Manager raises a request online using SAP Account Management System (SAM). Approvers can allocate roles.

• Access to SAP is only given when both the requested role is approved and the required training is recorded in SAP TEM

• Pre-Requisite training is identified within the SAM system. The Employee must receive appropriate training.

• Training course details and availability can be found in the related articles. 

• The SAP Navigation course is recommended to all those who are new to SAP or those who feel they may benefit from a refresher. Completion of SAP Navigation training alone does not entitle you to SAP access.

• Training must be recorded in the SAP Training & Events Management (TEM) module. If you attend a scheduled training course, the SAP training team will record the training on your behalf. Where the training is local or informal, it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the training is recorded by a local SAP TEM user.

• An appropriate approver can be identified by searching for the role under the “display roles” tab on SAM. SAP Approvers can only grant access to specific roles.

• You will be notified by email when your account has been set up.

See SAP Account Management System (SAM) – FAQ