5th Golden Rule - Identity

Protect your electronic identity

You need to be alert to attempts to steal your identity or that of your co-workers, as identity theft is one of the fastest growing criminal activities in the UK. 

Session Security

 Anyone using a computer session opened by you assumes your electronic identity.


Any activity on a website where you login concerns your electronic identity.

If you had to login to a website then be sure to logout of the site when you have finished - don't just close the tab or browser.

Do not disclose your confidential data over an insecure link or to a site that you do not fully trust. If you are in any doubt look at the address bar in your browser:

Social Engineering & Phishing

The 3rd Golden Rule discusses how phishing emails may try to trick you into giving away your login credentials, but you also need to be alert to "social engineering" attacks.

This may be as simple as a phone call where the caller attempts to get or confirm someone's name or contact information, which may then lead to what is known as "whale phishing" or "spear phishing" where they target their phishing attack at a specific person in an attempt to gain high level systems access or divert payments.