Online IT induction for staff and students

The online IT inductions will help you get started using IT at the University. There are separate inductions for staff and students and they are available all year round at

Student IT Induction

The Student IT Induction introduces new students to IT at the University of Leeds. It covers everything that needs to be done before your course starts – like setting up your username, password and Duo two-factor authentication – as well as useful things to know in your first weeks and months. There’s also information on University Systems such as Minerva, the Library and email as well as advice on getting help and keeping up to date with the latest news from IT.

Staff IT Induction

The Staff IT Induction introduces new staff to the IT services that are available and offers some guidance on what to do before you start, getting set up on your first day, and the sorts of academic and corporate systems you might come across in your role. It's recommended that all new staff go through this tutorial, but you may return to it at any time if you need a refresher.

Information Security

An Information Security induction is also available to help give advice to both staff and students on protecting themselves, their work and their devices while part of the University. Please note that this is a supplement to – not a replacement for – the Information Governance training all staff must complete on Learning Pool.


The Glossary outlines some of the terms you might come across on the induction pages. It also includes some links to further information if you want to find out more.