Replacing a Konica toner

Konica devices display a "Toner is low, replace when indicated" warning when a toner cartridge is becoming depleted.

The device should be able to print another 2000 pages of text (less if the documents contain a lot of images) before the toner cartridge is completely depleted.

When the "Toner is low" alert occurs the device will automatically order a replacement toner. These are shipped from Konica directly to the printer's location (or to a stock room if this has been arranged with IT.)

Which Toner?

Before replacing the toner check that you have the right type and colour of toner for your printer model:

 Device Toner Black Yellow Cyan Magenta
 C284e TN321 K Y C M
 C308 TN324 K Y C M
 C454e, C554e TN512 K Y C M
 C458, C558, C658 TN514 K Y C M
 C654e TN711 K Y C M

Replacing a Toner

Staff should only replace a toner when the device shows the Replenish Toner alert on-screen.

Open the flap on the front of the printer, below the screen.
Underneath each toner is a colour coded label with the part code for the toner. Check this matches the code on the new toner box.
Take the new toner cartridge out of the box and put it and the packaging on one side.
Remove toner cartridge from the printer by turning it anti-clockwise to the unlock position before pulling it out.
Use the packaging from the new cartridge to box up the empty toner - this can be put in the nearest toner recycling box.
Shake the new toner cartridge a few times.
Line-up the black plastic grooves on the toner cartridge with the groves on the slot.
Gently push the toner cartridge in, then turn clockwise until the arrow is vertical.
Close the flap.