MyPrint Charges

Taught students pay for printing, copying and scanning on the MyPrint system.

The MyPrint charges cover the cost of running and maintaining the MyPrint service, and for consumables like paper & toner.

Purchase MyPrint credits online with a debit or credit card. There are refund restrictions so only add credit that you will use.

You can ask for the charge to be cancelled if a printer problem has affected the quality of your printout or prevented your document from being printed.

Scanning Charges

The charge for scanning at MyPrint printers is a flat fee of 0.5p per side.

Printing & Copying Charges

The charge for printing and copying on MyPrint depends on the options you choose.

Consider scanning instead of copying as this is much more sustainable and significantly more cost effective.

Printing 2-sided on A4 in grayscale is the cheapest option and it is more environmentally friendly than printing 1-sided or in colour.

Option A4 A3
 Grayscale, 2-sided 7.5p 10p
 Grayscale, 1-sided 4.5p 6p
 Colour, 2-sided 16.5p 22p
 Colour, 1-sided 9p 12p 

You are not charged until you log in at a printer and select a document to print. Any documents that you don't collect will expire after 24 hours without charge.

You can check the cost at the printer, and reduce it by using the "Print as Grayscale" and "Print as 2-sided" options.

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