MyPrint printer locations

This article lists the locations of MyPrint devices that are available for student use.

MyPrint printers are usually floor-standing Konica printers as pictured. They are also referred to as multi-function devices or MFDs because, in addition to printing, they can also scan and copy.

MyPrint printer

Leeds University Union

There are 2 MyPrint printers on the Lower Ground floor of the Union building for you to use.

Worsley Airport Lounge

You can also use the 2 MyPrint printers in the Airport Lounge on L7 of the Worsley building.


You can use the MyPrint printers in the following clusters:

 Cluster Building Room
 Chemical & Process Engineering (CAPE) Chemical & Process Engineering G.06
 Cohen Chemistry 1.40
 E C Stoner E C Stoner 6.62
 Fourman Worsley 8.49
 Irene Manton Irene Manton 7.92
 Psychology Psychology 1.43
 Richard Hughes Clothworkers' Link 1.40
 Social Sciences Social Sciences 10.11a
 Textiles Clothworkers' Link G34
 West Teaching Labs Fine Arts MB.16


MyPrint devices are available in the following residences:

 Blenheim Point
 Central Village
 Charles Morris Hall
 Devonshire Hall
 Henry Price
 Lyddon Hall
 Sentinel Towers
 St Marks Pavilion


There are MyPrint printers in the following Libraries:

 Brotherton Library
 Edward Boyle Library
 Health Sciences Library
 Laidlaw Library