Using a web browser for email

There are several ways to get your email. You can see your email online, either in Minerva or using Outlook Web App, view emails on your phone, or use Outlook and other email programs on many devices


Office 365 email will be available by clicking on the Email icon on the toolbar in Minerva.

Outlook Web App

Go to

Enter your (e.g. and your University password.

Find out how to get started using Outlook Web App (external link).

Choosing or Setting the Time Zone

It is important that time zone is set correctly in your e-mail, as calendar invitations and meetings can be missed and emails may show up as being received at different times.

To ensure that your time zone is set correctly to (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London please do the following:

Log into Office 365 via Minerva or by login directly to (using your and password)

Please follow these instructions to set your time zone.

Supported browsers

You can use Outlook Web App to sign in to your email account from almost any device that can connect to the Internet, including laptop and desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Find out about supported browsers for Outlook Web App (external link).

Using a screen reader

You'll find that some of the keyboard short cuts that you may have used with a desktop version of Outlook are slightly different.

Find out more about using Outlook Web App with a screen reader.

Laptops, phones or tablets

You can use an email program (like Outlook) to get your email on a laptop, phone or tablet. See the related articles to find out how to set up your laptop, phone or tablet for email. Don't forget to include after your username.


If you use Outlook on your work computer, then this will continue to work as normal.

Don't forget, as a student you can download Outlook as part of the Student Advantage (Office 365 Pro Plus) service.