How to connect to the residence network

Your University of Leeds residence is equipped with wired and wireless networks.

Before you start:

When you arrived there was a handbook in your room called "Get Connected" that shows you how to connect to the residence network (you can't miss it, its white and orange). If you are unable to find it, a digital copy is located in the attachments section on this page too.

Wired network

There is a data socket in each room either at desk height or attached to the skirting board (example of a network socket). If you want to use the wired network you will need to pick up a cable from your site office.

The first time you connect, the network will try to redirect you to the registration page, some browsers think they know better and stop this, if the first time you try and connect you don’t get the registration page, try entering the following web address:

When you get the registration page:

Further instructions can be found in your "Get Connected" guidebook which has also been attached to this article for your convenience. 

If your device isn't receiving a connection at all, e.g. no lights flashing on the port or the device is still saying not connected instead of limited service, then you will need to raise a request with the IT using the links provided, please include the details of the network socket to be activated. It is very rare that a socket isn't activated. If you have two sockets in your room, make sure to try both sockets before raising a request.

Gaming Consoles and internet TVs

Games consoles and internet TVs will only work on the wired network NOT the wireless. You can find instruction on how to connect games consoles and internet TVs here: How to connect a gaming console or Internet TV in your room

Wireless network

The University wireless network eduroam is available in all University owned residences and instructions of how to connect can be found in the "Get Connected" guide.

If you are having issues, there are Eduroam articles linked, you can search for "Eduroam" or "Wireless" for any additional articles. If these don't help, please log an incident either from the homepage or using the link found on each article page.

Unfortunately devices such as wireless printers, Google Home, Amazon Echo and similar cannot connect to eduroam as they do not have the required security certificate.