Printing from Desktop Anywhere

Desktop Anywhere is being withdrawn. You should use one of the following methods to access University services and software:

For more information see ‘Your remote access to key systems

Printing using MyPrint

You can print to MyPrint from Desktop Anywhere, and collect your document from any of the MyPrint printers.

When you click Print in your application on Desktop Anywhere please select the "MyPrint on LeedsPrint" queue. 

Alternatively you can submit your documents to MyPrint by either emailing your documents as attachments to or by uploading documents at the website in the Web Print section.

Any documents you don't collect will expire, without charge, after 24 hours.

Printing to a Local Printer (Client Printing)

If you normally print to a printer attached to your laptop or other device, that will be the default printer in Desktop Anywhere. For example - if your laptop is set to print to your home printer, that's what Desktop Anywhere will do.

If you want to print to a different local printer, you'll need to change the printer your laptop or other device normally prints to. For example, if you are using Windows 7, choose 'Devices and Printers' from the Start menu of your laptop (not the Desktop Anywhere start menu), and set an existing printer as the default, or click 'Add a printer' to add a new one.

You can change the printer while you're using Desktop Anywhere, but you might need to log off and back on again to see the changes.

On some devices, including iPads and Android tablets, you can't print to a local printer.