Connect to Wi-Fi on Ubuntu

Follow these instructions to configure your Linux Computer to connect to the "eduroam" network.

CentOS is the only Linux OS supported by the University.

There are many different versions of Linux. Although this one works with Ubuntu, it may work with other versions.

If you use LINUX/UNIX you may need to download and install the certificates in the related article.

Setting up the connection

At the top of your screen, on the right in the menu bar, there should be the 'Network icon'; click on it once and it will show a list of the available wireless networks.

In the 'Wireless network key required' window: Set 'Wireless security' to WPA Enterprise

Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous identity:

CA certificate: Click the 'CA Certificate file' option, a file open window should popup - locate the file: /etc/ssl/certs/USERTrust RSA Certification Authority.pem

PEAP version: Automatic

Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2

Your computer will attempt to connect, showing a blue icon where the 'Network icon' was:

If you are prompted for a new password to create the default keyring, type in a strong password that you will not forget (this is so your computer can securely store the settings you have just entered). If you have previously configured a keyring password, you will be asked to enter the password you have already set.

You will be prompted for your University username and password:

Your computer should now display a bubble that shows you have successfully connected to 'eduroam'.

Sometimes at this stage there appears to be a bug - Sometimes, as soon as the 'successfully connected' bubble appears, another bubble pops up, saying that 'you have been disconnected'. If this happens, right click on the 'Network icon' and switch off the wireless connection by clicking 'Enable wireless', then do this again to re-enable the wireless. The 'eduroam' connection should then connect automatically and properly.

To use Eduroam in the future, just click the 'Network icon' and select 'eduroam' from the list of available wireless networks. If you are asked to do so, enter your keychain password. The connection will start automatically, and then you should be able to access the internet.