Connect to Wi-Fi on Mac

Follow these instructions to connect your Mac to the eduroam wireless network.

Click on the Wi-Fi icon in your menubar and select 'eduroam' from the list of available networks.

Your device will download a file that you will be prompted to keep or discard. Please keep it and then open it:


Please then double click this icon:


Enter your username and password, entering your username in the following format: followed by your usual University password and select Join to continue. 

NOTE: If you are on the ADMIN Domain, enter your username in the format:

The certificate verification window should then appear. Click 'Continue'.

** Please note that this window may appear up to four times due to the whole certificate change of four certificates being replaced **

You will then be prompted to enter your Mac password (not your University password). Then click 'Update Settings'

When connected successfully, you should see a tick next to eduroam. Your Mac should then connect automatically from now on. 

If you have problems after following these instructions, please contact the IT Service Desk.