Connect to eduroam WiFi on Mac

Follow these instructions to connect your Mac to the eduroam wireless network.

Click on the Wi-Fi icon in your menu bar.

WiFi network selection

Select eduroam from the list.

Enter your username and password, entering your username in the following format: followed by your usual University password.

NOTE: If you are on the ADMIN domain, enter your username in the format:

Username and password entry

Click OK.

The Verify Certificate window should now appear.

** Please note that this window may appear several times if you are performing the annual certificate update which takes place in late May. **

Certificate verification prompt

Click Continue to open the eaptlstrust window.

Trust settings update

Click Use Password to open the credentials window.

Trust credentials window

Your username will normally be populated automatically but, if not, enter your short username (i.e. without the suffix).

Enter your password.

Click Update Settings.


The WiFi icon on the menu bar will indicate that a connection is being attempted. Occasionally this may fail on the first attempt, in which case simply re-selecting eduroam from the WiFi list may be sufficient to gain a successful connection.

When connected successfully, macOS will indicate this in the WiFi network list (exact method will vary based on macOS version).

Successful connection to eduroam

Your Mac should connect automatically to eduroam in future.


If you have problems after following these instructions, please contact the IT Service Desk.